Theatre Outreach in Ireland: Camphill Callan

A quick recapping of the experience.

Day 14: Heading Home

Day 14: The Long Jounrey Home: We leave St. George’s Hotel early.  From there, we travel through the Dublin airport, Chicago’s O’Hare International, and then onto our own MSP!  Keep posted for final reflections soon!  Thanks for following our adventure, Sari, Sean and Dona

Day 13 brings a big transition as we bid a fond farewell to village and festival life.  We begin the day by packing up, cleaning up, and heading to KCAT (Kilkenny Centre for Arts Talent, located in Callan) where Gladys and Patrick Lydon treat us to a beautiful breakfast as we all process the whirlwind festival week.

Next, we hopped on the bus for a 2:30 bus ride to Dublin. Back to the St. George Hotel to settle in, and then a bit more exploring before the long flight home tomorrow.


Day 12

 The Selfish Giant played to a packed house at the Commonage Co-op Theatre. A special word of thanks to our American co-conspirators, the eager, cheerful can-do powerhouse from Exeter Academy.  The students (Camille, Rachel, Agnes and Sarah) and their truly fearless leaders (Dale Braile and Myra Citron) not only built the show with us, but also lived with us this week.  They added incredible joy to our experience, and polish to the production with their various contributions as actors, musicians, stage managers, costumers, and ushers.  The Exeter crew pitched in wherever necessary every day, and we are grateful for their help and friendship during this amazing week!

Afterwards, we celebrated by watching a beautiful shadow puppet show on the river, dining in the International Cafe, and chatting with new friends at Fennelly’s.  Tomorrow we bid farewell to Callan.

D11: Michael Jackson Jam Session During a Rehearsal Break!

Day 11: We begin the morning at Camphill Kyle with a rehearsal to polish the integration of lines and music.  After a couple of run throughs our cues are tighter and performing is more confident all the way around. Dona decides to end rehearsal when our drummer Mickey says, “That’s Enough!  No More!”  He’s right.  We’re ready to perform.  The highlight of the morning’s rehearsal is a spontaneous jam session during tea break. Tea and jam? Yes!

On our way home, our charming host Ann takes us on a tour of Camphill Ballytobin, which features an absolutely beautiful performance space, art and movement therapy studios, and a Waldorf school for children of all abilities.

After our tour, Sari and Sean are off to nearby Kilkenny to tour the castle.  They find their way back to Callan in time for the final showing of Nicole and Martin’s Tent Theatre run.  Tonight we we’re treated to their acrobatic and musical rendition of the classic Grimms tale, The Baker’s Daughter

Still eager for more theatre, we take in a late-night performance of the Dublin Fringe Fest Award-Winning FightNight.  A diverse day of theatre, indeed!

Day 10.  The walk to work. Today was our last morning with the women of St. Patricks, a residence for people needing a high level of care that’s located in Kilkenny, about fifteen minutes away.  The women and their assistants travel to Callan every day to spend time with us in story, song and theatre games that we’ve adapted for accessibility.  Dona found some time to put in final touches with our technical director, the amazing Inga of Camphill

Community-building is the primary goal, with an inviting, enjoyable production to offer the festival a very close second.  Becasue most of our participants live in community, they are skilled and natural team-members, which is essential to the success of any theatre project. Space is tight, tea is ever-present, and new friends abound!

The afternoon found us back in the Co-Op Theatre, adding costumes and hand props as we continued to integrate elements of ligt, sound and scenery.  We are a large group of over thirty, in a tight but inviting theatre spa